grant awarded

$20,000 Grant Awarded

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society has just been awarded its largest single-year grant since its inception three years ago.

A $20,000 grant has been awarded by the Envision Financial Community Endowment and First West Foundation. Executive Director Susan Byrom says the award is in recognition of the work done by a volunteer-based organization. She said…

“The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society provides so much more than just transportation to cancer patients in need. Volunteers offer a safe ride, friendship, support, compassion and understanding.”

Society President Bob Smith said,

“This substantial grant celebrates the powerful commitment of Envision Financial and First West Foundation to help meet the needs of cancer patients in communities served by the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We are truly grateful for such generous support.”

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society provides free transportation to cancer patients with the dedication and outstanding service of some 200 volunteer drivers and 13 dispatchers who work from their homes. We have driven well over a million kilometres since our inception in 2016.

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