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Meet Our Dispatchers

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society (VCDS) goal is ensuring patients get to their cancer related appointments safely, on time, and matched with the appropriate ride. This is done through our team of dedicated volunteer dispatchers who are the caring friendly voices patients and caregivers hear first. This role is essential to the success of the VCDS and we are grateful for their expertise and high level of patient service they provide.

Introducing the friendly voices patients connect with.


ORRIE - Dispatcher, Driver

Why I Volunteer...

I was extremely fortunate to have the best care possible when I went through my cancer treatment. As I took advantage of all the treatments and programs offered to patients, I definitely wanted to give back as much as I could to help others going through cancer.


LAURA - Dispatcher

Why I Volunteer...

When I call patients to confirm that I have received their ride requests, they are so happy to hear from me and they said that they are very grateful for us dispatchers and drivers. Volunteering for VCDS is a very fulfilling job, always looking forward to talking to all the patients and our dedicated drivers.



SHARON - Dispatcher, Driver

Why I Volunteer...

I have a strong desire to help those who can’t help themselves. Especially chatting with the clients and building a rapport with them in their time of need.



JACKI - Dispatcher, Driver

Why I Volunteer...

Before retirement I worked at Vancity, which has a “culture” of volunteering, so it seemed only natural to me to want to use some free time to give back. I’d recently lost both my mother and mother in law to cancer, so it seemed fitting to want to help patients and their families. I've been lucky enough to meet wonderful patients and other volunteers along the way too. a very fulfilling job, always looking forward to talking to all the patients and our dedicated drivers.



JUDY- Relief Dispatcher

Why I Volunteer...

It's a small way I can give back to the community. Especially to those who may not have anyone to help them. Everyone is very thankful and appreciative for our service. Someday I may be in need and it's good to know that there are organizations such as ours ready to help.



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