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Dear supporters and friends of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society, 

My name is Andréa and this is my story. On December 2nd 2018, I received the kind of news that one dreads: Stage IV cancer. I was given just days to live. Shock, disbelief and fear swirled through my mind. I will never forget the trauma l experienced during those early days. My life (and that of my family’s) was irrevocably changed. 

It has been almost three years since that fateful day. I am incredibly thankful that I am still here, alive and living a full and meaningful life. My cancer treatment has been ongoing, with chemotherapy, radiation, and more medical appointments than I can count. This is the reality for those of us living with cancer: our lives revolve around our treatments and medical tests. While we are extremely grateful for the healthcare available to us, it is often a challenge to make our way to our many appointments. 

During one particularly difficult course of chemotherapy I learned about the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society (VCDS). I knew I could not always rely on friends or family to drive me and I was often in no fit state to drive myself. I decided to try the free services of the VCDS. I will always remember my first volunteer driver, Jim. He was professional, kind, courteous, and understanding. I was in excellent hands getting to and from my treatments. I continued to avail myself of the VCDS for several months until my energy improved, and in that time, I learned how essential this service is for our communities. So many cancer patients have no support system or the means of getting to their medical appointments. 

My cancer journey is ongoing, but my positive experience with the VCDS led me to join their Board. That way, I can give of my time and energy to a cause that changes lives for the better.

As we usher in the holiday season at the end of yet another unusual COVID-year, I want to acknowledge the outstanding support we receive every month from many of our volunteers: the caring comforting time they share and their many donations. And today I want to ask that you continue to sustain the VCDS with a donation or legacy gift. Your support is deeply appreciated by all of us in the VCDS family – the Board of Directors, our dedicated volunteers and most importantly the many cancer patients we serve. 


Andréa – Cancer Patient and VCDS Director

Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is the act of a corporation contributing to a non-profit organization like the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society through donations, sponsorship, gifts in-kind, and much more.

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Legacy Giving

When adding charitable giving to your estate plan you are leaving behind a gift to benefit your community and the families in it. When you choose the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society as part of your Will, you choose to support and carry on with the things you love — your family, friends and the causes that are meaningful to you.

Download Legacy Brochure for further information or here on our website

 Donate Shares – Make a Securities Donation

A donation of stocks, bonds or mutual funds is a powerful way to help many Lower Mainland cancer patients get to their essential treatment while providing you with a charitable tax credit and a means to reduce your tax burden by eliminating the capital gains on the donated securities.

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Contribute Monthly

A monthly donation is a wonderful option to spread out a larger donation over monthly payments. Its easy to do through our website and at the end of the year you will receive a consolidated tax receipt. You are in control by controlling the start and end date. Click on the Donate Today button.

Single Contribution

Making a one-time donation helps cover costs of driving cancer patients to and from their treatments. Click on the Donate Today button.

Mail in a Donation

Please make cheques out to “Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society” and mail to;
Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society PO Box 45618 Sunnyside Mall Surrey, BC. V4A 9N3