Director External Communications
VCDS Media Spokesperson

Gord Locke

Gord Locke Gord is a Senior Consultant with a broad and diverse background in business and IT consulting. He has held executive and managerial positions in global and local corporations. Gord has worked with public and private sector clients to develop and implement strategies and solutions that deliver business value and position the organization to […]

Director Driver Operations

Ken Askew

Ken Askew Ken joined VCDS as a driver in the Tri-Cities region in 2019. In 2021 he assumed responsibility for the management of VCDS’s license plate registration process and became the VCDS Registrar soon after. In April of 2022 Ken joined the Board where he accepted the role of Director Driver Operations. His collaborative approach […]

Secretary / Director Dispatch Services

Mac Petrie

Mac Petrie Mac’s involvement with VCDS started in 2019 as a volunteer driver in Langley. He went on to become a relief dispatcher for the Tri- Cities area and then shifted his volunteer efforts over to helping with grant applications. When the decision was made by VCDS in 2020 to acquire a Donor Management System […]


Tom Akam

Tom Akam, CPA, CA Tom Akam joined the VCDS as part of its Board of Directors in 2017. Tom has played an important role in managing all aspects of the society’s financials. He works closely with the Board of Directors to safeguard the organization’s finances, ensuring a long future for the society. Learn more about […]

Executive Vice President

George McAffer George McAffer works with VCDS President, Bob Smith, in drafting strategic initiatives as the society’s Executive Vice President. George leads the fundraising and grant application activities which have played a large role in the financial successes of the organization. As an early member of the VCDS executive team, George was instrumental in developing […]


Bob Smith

RJ (Bob) Smith, BCom., MBA, FCCHL Bob Smith began driving for the VCDS in 2017, after being attracted to the charity by a news segment featuring its services. He was immediately impressed by the patients he drove and wanted to continue being a helping hand at a difficult time in their lives. 2017 was a […]