volunteer spotlight

Driving Children is a Privilege

Volunteer driver Harry brings a little fun to little ones and their parents. His contribution to his community is as exceptional as the children he drives to treatment. Harry says…


Driving folks to the Cancer Clinic at a time when many feel that they are in their last days on this earth, we as drivers are there to listen to them and encourage them. They are in a stage in life when many of them are at their most vulnerable. However, when you are driving young children, this is a real privilege. Now I can be like a grandpa!

I love listening to them, joking with them, encouraging them. When I have driven a child a couple of times and discover that they like jokes or riddles, I scour the internet for something that I know/hope will bring a smile to their face. And when I bring a smile to the child’s face, I know that I have also brought a smile to the parent’s face, and I see mom and dad starting to relax.

One of my goals as a VCDS driver is helping children’s parents feel at ease knowing they can count on the VCDS for rides to the Cancer Clinic. When I am driving and look in the rearview mirror and notice the adults in the back seat, sleeping or dozing—one knows that all is ok.
Cheers, Harry ”