Frequently Asked Questions

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Please refer to the ‘Volunteer Info’ section of our website. Once your application is received, you will be guided through each of the necessary steps toward your qualification as a volunteer driver.

Remember, you can always change your mind. It is useful to know that the main facilities served are BC Cancer Surrey (SMH), BC Cancer Vancouver (VGH area) and BC Cancer Abbotsford (ARH). We have drivers positioned in several regions throughout the Lower Mainland to affect the most efficient use of our drivers. Our Dispatchers do of course appreciate flexibility from the drivers, but rest assured, we will never insist you do something you do not wish to do. You will be oriented in each of the facilities you agree to drive to.

Drivers are provided reimbursement for kilometres (currently .58 cents per kilometre) and parking is complimentary through each hospital or treatment centre. Once you are a driver with the VCDS we will tell you how.

Driving during snow events is discouraged. Never compromise your or the patient’s safety for any reason. If you are driving in the snow, you must have legal winter tires with at least 3.5 mm tread depth.

No, drivers are not required to sign a contract.  You will be provided a copy of the VCDS Privacy Policy, Policy and Procedures Manual and Bylaws, which includes the VCDS Code if Ethics.  Once all documents have been received and your orientation has taken place, the email you receive has the following text:  

Please Note:  Upon becoming a volunteer driver you will also become a member of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society.  As a VCDS member, you are agreeing to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Society, you will have no liability and there are no fees or costs of any kind.


Our volunteer drivers will pick patients up Monday to Friday and for appointments as early as 8 am and late as 6pm.

The drivers are volunteers and are provided an allowance by the VCDS to offset their expenses.  Parking is complimentary from the hospital or treatment centres. You will never be asked by the driver for money to cover these costs.

Most of the time you would have the same driver. The dispatchers may need to have a different driver take you there and pick you up based on driver availability.

This is a pretty common question. If your appointment is cancelled please call your volunteer driver and let them know. We understand that appointments get cancelled. When you are ready to book your ride again, simply call 604-559-5551 or fill out our online forms here