VCDS Honors Garth Pinton

Along with VCDS founding members George Garrett and John MacInnes, The  VCDS)has honored Garth Pinton with the title of Honorary Life Member. There were 12 drivers when Garth Pinton co-founded VCDS in 2016. Now there are nearly 450

Garth, previously a founding partner of Pinton Forrest & Madden, has a longstanding history of community service. Beyond his professional life, he has served on numerous charitable boards, directly aiding those in need.

With VCDS, Garth’s contributions extended beyond leadership. He personally drove patients, led fundraising efforts, and liaised with donors. In retirement, he remains a fervent ambassador, promoting VCDS’s mission and encouraging public participation.

The Society is proud to recognize Garth Pinton’s impactful contributions with this honor.

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