VCDS Supporters

First Responders Charitable Societies

With support from the many firefighters across Greater Vancouver, our volunteers can ease the physical, emotional, and financial burden for cancer patients and their families by ensuring cancer patients with limited means can attend treatments. First responders are active volunteers in their communities and continually host exciting fundraising events throughout the year. The following firefighters through their charitable societies, include the VCDS as one of the many community support services to receive donations because of their tireless fund-raising activities.

Cities and Municipalities

Many Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley cities and municipalities include indirect support for their citizens in the form of grants to not-for-profit charities.  Through these volunteer organizations they are able to maximize the impact of their scarce resources to help many of their communities in need of services that otherwise may be unavailable to them. With these grants we are able to provide complimentary transportation for cancer patients in need to and from their essential treatment.

Community Foundations and Societies

Community foundations and societies know best when it comes to the needs of their communities. They invest time and resources into strengthening local support groups, such as the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society, which provides transportation for care and treatment to their citizens in need.

Service Clubs

Service Clubs and Legions are grounded in the communities they serve. Their members work together to strengthen connections to friends and neighbours with a commitment to improving lives. Since our inception many Lower Mainland Service Clubs and Legions have supported our cancer patient transportation service through community fundraising and generous donations. With their support we can help cancer patients who have no viable means of getting to their essential treatment.

Corporate and Business Community

Business and corporate leaders have recognized the need to support those in their community who need help by providing grants and donations to worthy causes. Many view community giving and support as an opportunity to strengthen society. Public transit can be stressful, impractical, frequently unavailable and seldom a viable option for cancer patients. Through corporate and business financial support, we are able to ease this burden by providing safe, reliable transportation for cancer patients and their loved ones in their time of need.