Volunteer Central
The following should be directed to registrar at registrar@volunteercancerdrivers.com.
  • Updates to insurance and licence plates, including any different vehicles you will be using to drive patients
  • CRC Renewals
  • Questions about driving that cannot be answered by your dispatcher
  • Comments/feedback around driving for the VCDS

Parking & License Plate Recognition
All of the parking facilities are using license plate recognition with the exception of:
  • VGH at 12th and Laurel (switching TBD) see procedure below
  • Diamond Health Care Centre Parkade (switching TBD)
  • Innomar Clinics
Construction continues at the main entrance at Burnaby General. Drop offs have been at the Emergency entrance. We understand that the main entrance can be used, however if you are using the Emergency entrance, we are authorized for the parking lot in that area. If you need to park long term and utilize a parking stall, Fraser Health Authority prefers you to find an available space in the parkade.
PDFEntrance and Parking at Burnaby Hospital map
Parking Procedure – VGH (12th & Laurel)
The following procedure should be used to insure complimentary parking at this location.
  • Write either “Volunteer Driver” or “VCDS Driver” along with your License Plate # on the back of your parking ticket and hand ticket to clerk upon exit.
  • Showing your VCDS Name Tag is also recommended.
  • The attendant will compare your licence plate # with their database and open the gate for your departure.
If you are delivering a patient to the Fairmont building, you can drop them off and pick them up at the 2nd floor parking area, however there is no parking system there. There are some 15 minute parking stalls, however if you are expecting to be longer, it is recommended that you drive to either 10th and Ash or the 12th and Laurel lots, and wait there.

Temporary Drop Off Locations – Due to COVID
  • Please note that the VGH Blackmore entrance is now available as well as the Main entrance at the Jim Patterson Pavilion.
  • The SMH Pediatrics drop off has not changed, it is by the elevators in the South Parkade off 94A Ave. please coordinate pick up location with your patient via mobile phone to eliminate any confusion.

Driver expenses are now determined using the Ride Scheduler Mileage Report:
  • New Drivers complete the reimbursement preference form as part of the registration process
  • Drivers have the option of having access to Ride Scheduler to view and modify the distance and time for their rides
  • No manual reports are to be submitted
  • Changes to reimbursement options should be emailed to reimbursement@volunteercancerdrivers.com
If you are a Driver that is grandfathered for using the manual expense form:
  • File your expense claim form manually each month
  • Please file regardless of whether you are donating your expenses back to the society
  • Calculation is .58 cents per km
  • Take the time for accuracy on your expense reports
  • Enter the facility abbreviations in the Treatment Center column
  • Email expense forms to Rick at VCDSReports@gmail.com
  • For those using Canada Post, the address is: VCDS 452 Glenbrook Dr, New Westminster, BC V3L 5J5
Gas Coupons We still have Chevron Gas Cards available. Please request cards on your Expense Reports

Winter Driving If you are driving – make sure your vehicle is winter ready – always carry an emergency kit and have clothing available appropriate to the weather that you will experience outside your vehicle. A legal winter tire in BC (on a standard passenger vehicle or a four-wheel/all-wheel vehicle) MUST have at least 3.5 mm of tread depth. A winter tire must be labelled with either of the following:
  • The letters “M” and “S”, the minimum legal requirement (mud + snow/all season tires)
  • The 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol (some manufacturers label with both the mountain snowflake and the M+S symbol)
  • All Season tires are NOT winter tires – avoid driving in the snow without proper winter tires.
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