Volunteer Spotlight - Megan Mclaren
Megan McLaren MCP, RCC

Volunteer Spotlight – Megan

Joining the VCDS, with our recent expansion to Greater Vancouver, Megan brings a relatable and calming energy when it comes to driving patients to their treatments. We asked Megan questions to get to know her and her “Reason Why” she became a volunteer. 

Q: What inspires you to Volunteer and how did you come about volunteering with the VCDS as a driver?

A: I felt called to volunteer with VCDS following the passing of my mother from pancreatic cancer. She lived in a remote area outside of Guelph, Ontario and was advised of a volunteer driving service to get her to her appointments. Although she didn’t end up using those services, she was very touched that organizations like that exist. She passed away 4 years after her diagnosis in our family home. I felt inspired to volunteer my time and service rather than fund-raise because I get to really experience giving back in an interpersonal and practical way. I actually get to DO something. I find that very rewarding.

Q. What is your work background?

A. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice, and I have experience previously in the school system and policing. When the pandemic began I started focusing on my private practice, and obtained specialized training in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for people with end-of-life anxiety, treatment-resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Q. What brings you joy in your spare time?

I am very extraverted! I love connecting with friends and family in my spare time, playing games, having great conversation with wine and cheese, and Face-Timing with my niece in Quebec. I also love paddle boarding, frisbee golf, and play dodgeball and slo-pitch softball. I am a consumer and participant in the arts and have dabbled in improv comedy and acting for TV/film/commercial. I live with my partner, Seth, and our Persian cat, Jorge. Both of those booheads bring me loads of joy.

Q. If someone was considering volunteering, why would you recommend the VCDS?

A. I recommend VCDS all the time because it’s a pleasure. I really love the opportunity to connect with people, and learn about their stories when they’re feeling called to share. It is rewarding and humbling, and it makes me feel close to my mom. Plus, I get to hear new music by asking my guests what kind of music they’d like for their ride .

Has Megan inspired you? You could also help others by doing one drive per week (Mon to Fri)

The VCDS Provides

– Flexible scheduling
– Mileage allowance 
– Complimentary parking
– Safety protocols