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Volunteer Dispatchers Application


Personal Reference and Computer Skills

In volunteering with VCDS I will:

Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy

  • Keep any and all volunteer and/or patient information confidential.
  • Not share this information (intentionally or unintentionally) with anyone outside of VCDS and will use it only for the purpose intended.
  • Keep any records (and will ensure their destruction) in a safe and secure manner.
  • Make the safety and security of the people we transport my highest priority.
  • Ensure that my actions and behaviour when volunteering meet the highest ethical standards.
  • Not benefit or attempt to benefit financially or otherwise from my volunteer activity. Respect the customs and culture of my team members and those we serve
  • Not discuss a patient’s health situation unless specifically invited to do so and never provide medical or other advice.
  • I understand that as an active volunteer my name, address, phone #, and email address will be shared with team members as appropriate. This information may also be shared throughout our organization on team lists and/or in emails.

By selecting the "I AGREE" box you are acknowledging to abide by these terms.

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