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Volunteering Changes Lives

It takes a team of dedicated dispatchers to make our service run smoothly. Dispatchers coordinate rides between cancer patient with the appropriate driver. Dispatcher roles are explained below.

Role Description - DISPATCHER
Working from the comfort of home, The VCDS Dispatchers are contacted by patients either online by email or by our telephone answering system and then coordinate rides with the appropriate volunteer driver.

Role Description - RELIEF DISPATCHER
Working from the comfort of home, a relief dispatcher fill in for Dispatcher when needed.

Working from the comfort of home for the Vancouver region, the PC’s are responsible for entering patient requests into our scheduling system. PC's work closely with the dispatchers. Full training provided.

Join the Team Today

Please complete and submit the Application below. You will be welcomed by our Registrar who will provide more detailed information, work with you to complete the application process and arrange your dispatcher orientation.

Volunteer Dispatchers Application

Volunteer Roles

Personal Reference and Computer Skills

In volunteering with VCDS I will:

Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy

  • Keep any and all volunteer and/or patient information confidential.
  • Not share this information (intentionally or unintentionally) with anyone outside of VCDS and will use it only for the purpose intended.
  • Keep any records (and will ensure their destruction) in a safe and secure manner.
  • Make the safety and security of the people we transport my highest priority.
  • Ensure that my actions and behaviour when volunteering meet the highest ethical standards.
  • Not benefit or attempt to benefit financially or otherwise from my volunteer activity. Respect the customs and culture of my team members and those we serve
  • Not discuss a patient’s health situation unless specifically invited to do so and never provide medical or other advice.
  • I understand that as an active volunteer my name, address, phone #, and email address will be shared with team members as appropriate. This information may also be shared throughout our organization on team lists and/or in emails.

By selecting the "I AGREE" box you are acknowledging to abide by these terms.

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