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Elaine Holmesdale

When Elaine and Bruce Holmesdale made a donation of $500 to the Volunteer Cancer Drivers we were deeply moved and thankful for their generosity.

Elaine worked for many years cleaning other people’s houses, estimating to be around 250 customers. Whenever she needed new customers she would travel door to door with her clipboard, noting the names of new customers that needed her services. She said, “I looked for the pebbles on the beach".

When we asked why she would give such a generous donation. “I was just totally impressed with the love and help I got. The woman volunteer driver I had just jumped out of the car and opened my door. She was right there. It was nothing but love. And nurses in the hospital, the chemo nurses...they were just absolutely wonderful.”

Elaine's bladder was removed and although she is going through serious health issues of her own expressed the sincerest concern, not for herself but for others in the hospital. She said, “To the nurses and doctors and the Volunteer Drivers, God Bless You All." She also expressed how she hopes that none of them get the virus.”

Susan Clarke-Rogers

July 6, 2020 - Susan Clarke-Rogers, a lung cancer patient from Burnaby gives very high marks to our Volunteer Cancer Drivers. Susan says, “I would give them 11 out of 10.”

Susan said she was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago but she said “Things began to speed up last October. My doctors recommended more treatment”. She then began to take immune therapy every three weeks at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.

Susan says she has had a number of different Volunteer Drivers. “They have been just wonderful. I have probably had about six different drivers. Each one has been so helpful, respectful, just wonderful guys.” She said some treatments take longer than others, saying, “It’s hard being on time because the nurses run behind or something comes up, or some of them have had to wait. It was no problem at all. I knew the driver would be waiting for me.” When treatment was finished she would call the driver on his cell number.

Her opinion of the volunteer cancer drivers? “I would say they are 11 out of 10. They do a wonderful job.”

Gretal Walters

Cancer patient Gretal Walters has been given rides by Volunteer Cancer Drivers for the past six months. She says she has had three different drivers so far and found them all, including driver Larry Coleman to be ‘very nice.’ She says, “Right now we talk about my treatment. At other times we tell stories about our families.”

Gretal says the service provided by the Volunteer Cancer Drivers is very important.

“I am very that I have this opportunity at my age. I don’t drive anymore. It’s the best thing. If I didn’t have the cancer drivers I would only have a taxi.” Gretal had a family member in Pitt Meadows drive her but he now has cancer and can’t take her anymore. That is why the service by cancer drivers is so important.

Nancy Sutcliff

Nancy Sutcliffe of North Vancouver was shocked when she was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018.

Her first trip from the North Shore to the cancer clinic at Vancouver Cancer Centre was by taxi – at $85 each way. She said from then on she was taken by Volunteer Cancer drivers. She said, “They were wonderful. They picked me up at the house. They took me to the cancer clinic. They came right up to the floor where I was having the treatment. They waited, they brought me bottles of water. They were just wonderful. Very, very kind people.” Nancy made twenty-five consecutive trips for radiation. Without the volunteer drivers, Nancy said she would either had to take a taxi or use public transportation, adding that it would mean three buses and an hour and a half.

Nancy is encouraging her friends to volunteer. “I tell my friends. This is what you should do.”

"Enclosed is a small donation for the Volunteer Cancer Drivers. Words cannot express what a fabulous service you operate."

~ Marilyn, Surrey

"As always, a HUGE thank you to all of you at the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society. I don't know what I would do without the assistance of your drivers."

~ Roxanne, Langley

"Please accept this small donation and thank all of you for providing this wonderful service. It is much needed and greatly appreciated. I hope you get enough support to keep going...once again, many thanks."

~ Marion, Langley 


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